Mission, Vision, and Values

Our Mission

Generate superior partnerships, long-term investment returns, ensuring that our interests are aligned with theirs and working collaboratively and openly to exceed expectations.

Our Vision

To attract, develop and retain exceptional professionals by providing a team-based environment that is supportive and challenging and that celebrates excellence in everything we do.

Our Values

To create a culture of continuous improvement, effective communication and learning from success and failure.


R-Three Technologies is an early-stage development company with a success-driven Board which is focused on carefully pursuing several ventures we believe show promise. Specifically we pursue the world’s best in consumer products & services for large-scale distribution. We partner with relentless founders seeking to transform industries with technology. We partner in capital-efficient companies with scalable technologies, success-driven teams with a clear path to profitability and execution. At R3T, we partner in fundamental businesses that are proven to create long term value. We partner in private and public companies with high growth potential.

Our Divisions

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Investor Relations

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How we work

  • R3T is led by industry veterans, each with a strong track record in identifying companies with underutilized assets and untapped market potential.
  • The leadership of R3T identifies these opportunities—and partners aggressively with company founders—to source capital, develop profitable products, and create and leverage new markets.
  • R3T seeks opportunities for all stakeholders, including investors, company management, employees, and customers.

Team Spotlight

Karla Ballard – CEO/Director

Karla Ballard is currently the founder and CEO of YING, a peer-to-peer Group Skillsharing fintech platform. YING helps members within groups and communities facilitate real time task requests between each other unlocking a form of community capital often overlooked as a form of value within our market economy.

Ms. Ballard most recently ran on the Independent ticket as a VP candidate alongside fintech blockchain mogul and philanthropist Brock Pierce for the 2020 Presidential election.

She is a current national Advisory Board member of Blue Star Families, Philadelphia 250, VSchool, Cloud9Telehealth, Ethtrust Blockchain, and USC’s Next Gen Council for Stephen Spielberg’s SHOAH Foundation.

Karla is also the co-founder of the first Urban League in the state of Delaware, The Metropolitan Wilmington Urban League, and served as the first female national president of the National Urban League Young Professionals.

Our Team


Stan Kolaric
Galina Vaynter

Corporate Counsel

David E. Price, ESQ.

Board Members

Stan Kolaric – Chairman
Karla Ballard – Director
Bruce Langer – Independent Director
David Langer – Independent Director

Business Development/
Brand Ambassador

Miguel Nunez Jr.

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